Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have any plot at present offer?

Ans: Yes. Presently we are offering two types of plot (1) Developed (2) Under developed. Two types of Developed plots are (a) Commercial Plot (b) Residential Plot. Under developed plot is fully residential at different blocks of our other land project. We have a few number of plot left at Achol ShwapnoPuron Abashik and Achol N. Haque Abashik project also.

What is the price for per Katha/Satak?

Ans: Different value offer for Commercial and Residential plot at different locations of our projects. Please contact with our sales personnel regarding Plot & Price. Remember, it is not possible to bargain about price. because of our price is fixed. But you can book a plot at discounted offer, if management provide that.

Is it possible to pay installment?

Ans: Yes. We offer great opportunity to purchase land in cash and installments. You can buy plots in 12 month installments facilities with just 25% booking money.

Is it possible to transfer deposited amount from one project to another project?

Ans: Allottee has every right to transfer his/her deposited amount from one project to another project after management approval.

Is it possible to visit and purchase land from abroad?

Ans: Yes, we offer Remote Viewing facilities for Non-Resident-Bangladeshi (NRB). If you are a NRB, you will get the opportunity to view and inspect the property virtually. We use modern technology and advanced virtual tools for our remote viewing service.

What is the procedure to get a final handedover to acquire land?

Ans: After full payment we will register plot by saff kabala dalil. Then company take necessary steps to physically handed over the land by final handed over letter.