About Achol MCS

Achol Multipurpose Co-operative Society is a democratic organization registered under the Department of Cooperatives, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh. Registration No: 640K/10. The Founder "Mufti Abdur Razzak" was established this organization in the year of 2010. Since its inception, the organization has been conducting business successfully with the aim of achieving socio-economic development and economic prosperity. Currently, the organization is conducting multifaceted activities in Bangladesh.
Our business model is designed to be compliant with Islamic law. Instead of interest, Achol savings accounts typically pay profit or loss sharing. This means that the Achol and the customer or account holder share in the losses or profits of the Achol MCS's investments.

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Deposit Schemes

Achol MCS has introduced various Deposit Schemes for the self-reliance of its members for future development.
All these deposits are accepted under the Musharika & Mudaraba system of Islamic Shariah.
  • Daily Savings Scheme

    You can start with a daily saving scheme of just 20 Taka. Profit calculated on day end balance.

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  • Monthly Savings Scheme

    Save small amount in your account each month. A regular saving pays off when you really need it.

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  • Long Term Savings Scheme

    This is a Monthly Savings Scheme with flexible long term tenure. that gives you less risk with guaranteed returns.

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  • Housing Project Scheme

    This scheme includeds in the Housing Element and Fair Share Plan. That provides Land or homes for people to buy at a low price.

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  • One-Time Investment Scheme

    This plan is good for people who have a shorter investment horizon. Under this plan a lump sum amount is invested in one go in a particular scheme for a specific duration.

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  • Plot Sharing Project Scheme

    This type of scheme proposed by Achal MCS is very profitable for people. Where plot of land owned in common by proprietors of two or more other plots of land.

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Message from Chairman

Allah has made business "Halal" and forbidden "Usury" for mankind. But first of all every business requires capital and business knowledge. So, many of us are interested in business but they need capital and real knowledge for business. On the other hand, many of us dislike traditional money management system of our country, so we worry about saving the accumulated money.
In this situation, some of people among us have started a business called "Achol Multi Purpose Co-Operative Society", based on small savings and Halal business method from Islami Shariah.
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Management Team


Mufti Abdur Razzak Miah


Md. Abdus Sattar Talukdar

Vice Chairman


Dr. Md. Nasir Uddin


Md. Abdullah Al Bakey

Joint Secretary

Mst. Sahanaz Parveen


Md. Sulaiman Hossain

Finance Director

Sectors We Lend to

Achal MCS is conducting loan program among its members by providing products in installments with easy terms and low profit charges. Achol believes that by getting loans on easy terms, its members will be able to achieve spiritual improvement and social well-being in their lives.
Housing/Land Purchase

We provide loans to buy the plot/home of your choice. Unlock your freedom of building a space that is uniquely yours.

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Construction Material Purchase

We buy the materials and supplies you need right now, buying time to keep you building.

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Furniture/Electronics Products Purchase

Apply for consumer durable loan to buy furniture or electronics products including phones, laptops & cameras.

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Motor Byke/Scooty Purchase

We provide Two Wheeler loan facility for the purpose of purchasing any Brand New Motor Cycle or Scooty. People are getting this loan easily.

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Easy Byke/Auto Rickshaw Purchase

We provide Three Wheeler loan facility for the purpose of purchasing any Brand New Auto Rickshaw.

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Paddling/Motor Rickshaw Purchase

We provide a small amount loan facility for the purpose of purchasing Paddling or Motor Rickshaw.

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For Members

  • ✓ Any person or persons of sound mind can open a savings account in their own name.
  • ✓ In order to become a member, you have to fill in the membership form, which must be collected from the Achol MCS office.
  • ✓ To become a member, the applicant and nominee must submit a photocopy of their National Identity Card or Birth Certificate.
  • ✓ 3 copies of recent passport size photograph of the applicant and 2 copies of the nominee's photograph should be submitted along with the form.
  • ✓ 100 Taka should be deposited for application form and pass book.
  • ✓ A person can open an account in multiple names and accumulate savings.

Our Projects