Achol Tetultala Abashik

This project is located in Tetultala Moholla under the Batiaghata Thana, Khulna. This project is under the DAP (Detailed area plan) & KSP (Khulna structural plan) of KDA. The project's layout plan is superimposed through digital surveys. The project is surrounded by wide roads, which makes communication very easy. The project has water and electricity supply. There is an under-construction multi-story building in a handed-over plot.
You can make a visit of our projects by our own transport. This project was developed with significant & dynamic aspects of green architecture which was meticulously planned and perfectly designed.

Project Info:

  • Project Name: Achol Tetultala Abashik
  • Project Type: Residential
  • Project Status: Completed

Plot Sizes:

  • Size-1: 2 Katha (3.3 Satak).
  • Size-2: 2.5 Katha (4.125 Satak).
  • Size-3: 3 Katha (4.95 Satak).
  • Size-4: 5 Katha (8.25 Satak).

Project Address :

Union: 01 No. Jolma | Ward No: 09 | Mohalla: Tetultala | Thana: Batiaghata | Zilla: Khulna.

Facilities Entitled

  • ✓ Water & Electricity
  • ✓ 14 feet Wide Road
  • ✓ Cable TV & Internet Connection
  • ✓ Play Ground & Children Park
  • ✓ School, College & Madrasha
  • ✓ Maszid & Islamic Center.
  • ✓ Bazar & Shopping Mall
  • ✓ Medicine Shop & Hospital
  • ✓ Fire Service Station
  • ✓ Police Station (Thana)
  • ✓ Echo Park & Convention Center
  • ✓ Sewerage & Garbage Management
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আঁচল প্রোপার্টিজের এই প্রকল্পে আপনার বিনিয়োগ হোক ভবিষ্যতের সঞ্চয় স্বরূপ। আজকের বিনিয়োগ বয়ে আনুক আপনার জীবনে সুখ ও সম্মৃদ্ধি।

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